Spotlight on: Dave Hoff

Lift Hard. Recover Quick. Repeat.

Hydrus is changing the way strength athletes such as powerlifters, are able to approach their workouts, by allowing them to stay hydrated during intense training sessions and in competitions.

For serious, even extreme, rehydration needs.

Dave has the highest three-lift total of any power lifter: 3005 lbs. As well as world records in the bench press and squat.

Dave Hoff may not be the athlete you think of when you think of needing a rehydration beverage. Unless you think superior rehydration can bring real, measurable results. But Dave had a serious dehydration problem before he started using Hydrus.

Dave Hoff,
World Record Champion Power Lifter

On the importance of hydration for heavy lifting:

Before Hydrus, I had a lot of cramping problems when lifting heavy. During contests, my legs would cramp after heavy squat attempts and I often had to ice them down or even take an I.V. to rehydrate between attempts. Since using Hydrus, I've had no cramping problems, even on my record lifts." - Dave

Dave also uses Hydrus as part of his daily training regimen:

Even low levels of dehydration can have a serious impact on peak muscle contraction, or power. So I drink Hydrus before, during and after training to make sure my muscles are fully hydrated. It lets me train harder and recover faster." - Dave

Hydrus' revolutionary electrolyte delivery speeds vital salts and minerals to the bloodstream and the muscles faster and more effectively by encapsulating them in all-natural Nanosomes.