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Be mentally and physically sharper during activity and throughout the day.

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Hydration is proven to be the single biggest factor in being mentally sharp and alert for both learning and studying. Being wide awake isn’t good enough; the brain only functions at its peak when properly hydrated. Hydration is as important to the chess team as it is to the soccer team.

As we age, the desire to drink and the ability to absorb fluid both decrease significantly. Being hydrated increases vitality and is evident in both physical and mental acuity for a much better quality of life.

In extreme heat conditions that could cause heat or sun stroke, having Hydrus handy could be of great benefit. Hydrus does not contain sugar.

Hydrus is perfect for people who don't get enough water or don't like to drink water. It hydrates quickly, without adding empty calories. A 16 ounce sport, energy or soft drink has 200 or more calories, and the average person consumes 800 calories in beverages a day, over one third of the daily calorie requirement. Hydrus Hydration has ZERO calories.

Hydrus is the most effective hangover remedy you will ever have tried. Drink before you go to sleep to help prevent the hangover altogether.

Hydrus is sugar free, naturally sweetened by Stevia and contains no artificial sweeteners.

Hydrus is a breakthrough hydration beverage utilizing exclusive Nanosome™ Technology to deliver electrolytes your body needs with unrivaled speed and effectiveness.


Absorption starts immediately in the mouth. Hydrus navigates easily through the esophageal tract, the stomach and the small intestines to deliver electrolytes into the bloodstream for very FAST hydration.


8x Better Absorption* than World Health Organization Oral Re-Hydration Standard

Hydrus, the perfect delivery system

  • Dispenses evenly in liquid
  • Works instantly, beginning in the mouth
  • No Sugar
  • Rapidly absorbed in the small intestine
  • Transported intact in the blood stream

*“up to 8x more effective” according to investigators P.K. Bardhan, A.S.M. Hamidur Rahman, David A. Sack in “Absorption of water and electrolytes from a liposomal oral rehydration solution...