The Importance of Hydration for SAILING

Enhanced Hydration. No sugar. No calories. Yes Hydrus!

After 22 races off Copenhagen, the US One Sailing Team’s decisive victory in the M32 Scandinavian Series proves that they are the dominant force in M32 fleet racing. US One showed unsurpassed mastery of the course, the shifty wind, and maneuvering. How do they do it? Just ask team member Hayden Goodrick:

“Hydrus is what powers our guys through the day, from the time we wake up till the end of a long day out on the water sailing. Our sport is high intensity which requires maximum power over a short period of time. Hydrus is what helps us recover in between races so that our team can be operating at 100% every race, every day.”

That’s saying a lot, considering that US One is in competition against some of the best sailors in the world. Add to that sun, wind, and exertion, and proper hydration is key to avoiding fatigue and staying mentally sharp.

“There's 3 things we don't forget when we leave the dock each day. Sunscreen, sunglasses and our Hydrus bottles filled for the day. This is not your normal sailboat racing. This is fast paced, action packed, high intensity racing. Hydrus powers US One to be the #1 Ranked sailing team in the world.”

Congratulations US One!

You will feel the difference Hydrus makes.

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